Button up! It‘s time to save our planet!

If we want to reduce the burden on the environment,
we have to know what is happening to it.


Our way of life is burdening the environment and our planet is finding it harder to be healthy for us to live in.

We need to be aware of the problems and look for solutions at every step.
The solutions are hidden in the simple green tasks that, when multiplied by millions, could change the world.

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The Three Steps of the Green Button Journey

Ever played the game of “Telephone”? Passing on the things you learn is just like that except you’re not whispering and the message is hard to mess up. Once you learn the green way of life you can’t forget it. You just keep on learning and sharing that knowledge with others.



Raise your awareness on how to take care of our environment.
Understand what we’re doing wrong.
Actively think of solutions

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What can YOU do? – It’s all about motivation and communication!
Sew on a green button to remind yourself and others to act green.
Download the app and complete green tasks.
See your progress in the app and real life.

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Pass it on!
Share your green thoughts and knowledge!
See a change!
Be proud!

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The Green Button Journey App

Learn about environmental problems and green solutions by performing simple green tasks and competing with friends and strangers. You’ll never not have an answer to the question “What are you doing to make the world a better place?” again!

Educate yourself and your friends by reading articles, tips and descriptions of green tasks. Only by understanding what we’re doing wrong, we can actively start thinking about solutions!

Complete simple green tasks that can, when done by multiple people, actually make a difference. Try to turn these green tasks into green habits!

Completed green tasks bring you green points! Collect as many as you can and become the best!

By collecting green points, reducing your CO2 footprint and inviting new members to the Green Button Journey, you are competing with friends and strangers for the #1 spot on the leaderboard.

Share your green thoughts and knowledge with others. Be proud! You’re making a difference!

See the change and realize how small actions, when multiplied by millions, can make a big difference. Button up, it’s time to save our planet!

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