Story #1Learn

Learning – “yawn!”, we know! But hear us out! Our mission is to raise your awareness on how to take care of our environment. Only by understanding what we are doing wrong will we be able to actively think of ways to make better life choices. What’s more, using our app makes learning more interesting and thinking more fun. With some of the most important things in life we must take a hands-on approach.

Understand, how our comfortable way of life is making it worse

We don’t mean to scare you, but we’ve really messed things up… And most of the time we don’t even realize that we’re making it worse and worse! BUT WAIT! We have a choice! A chance to make things better. How? Well, my friend, the secret lies in learning and understanding which actions are harming the environment. Easy, right? Well…. That’s only step one... But don’t give up, you’re doing great!

Find ways to make things better

Only by knowing and understanding what we’re doing wrong, can we make it right. Now that we’ve learned how we’re messing it all up, can we start thinking of ways to fix it. We understand where the problem lies and that allows us to actively think of solutions. Let’s activate the few brain cells we’ve still got left!

What small acts mean for the planet

The saying “Small acts, when multiplied by millions, can change the world.” describes our journey perfectly! By making one small green change in your behavior, you may, at first, not notice any change. But just like it takes 1,152 of busy bees to create a jar of honey, it takes multiple proud green-button-wearers to make a global change. For example, remembering to turn off the tap when washing your hands may not seem much, but imagine how much water 1,152 clean-handed-people can save if they just THINK and ACT GREEN!

Why CO₂ is the measure of environmental health

When talking about and completing green tasks, we could calculate how much energy and water is saved or how much less trash there is on the planet. But to actually learn, how much of an impact a certain task really has, we need to use a measuring unit that connects all the categories of the green tasks. That’s CO₂ emission.

Most of us know that CO₂ is a colorless, odorless gas often seen as the bubbles in fizzy drinks. But it’s also a greenhouse gas. CO₂ in the atmosphere works to trap heat close to Earth, helping it to hold on to some of the energy it gets from the Sun, so the energy doesn't all leak back out into space. If it weren't for this greenhouse effect, Earth's oceans would be frozen solid. That might sound great, but even a small increase in CO₂ in the atmosphere can cause Earth to get even warmer. And when the temperature goes up, the CO₂ in the atmosphere goes up even more.

Knowing what CO₂ is is great and all, however, it doesn’t help us imagine what a certain quantity of this gas actually looks like. That’s why we made it easier for you, *yay!*. Scroll down to discover a legend, converting CO₂ measurements into more imaginable things.

Find out more – together!

So, where CAN you learn all these things? You could surf the internet for forever, watching documentaries and reading countless articles about how doomed we are and what can we do to be less…well, doomed – and we encourage you to do that, however, you could make things fun for yourself by joining the Green Button Journey community anddownloading our app, where we learn about problems and think of solutions together! As the kids from High School Musical would say: “We’re all in this together!”.

Story #2Do

As a sign of a green lifestyle, you sew on a green button. Every time you notice it on your sleeve, coat, backpack…, you remember to do something good for nature - whether it’s just proper waste separation and turning off the lights, or even something bigger, like organizing your own cleaning action! There’s more!Our Green Button Journey app gives the good old no-brainer tasks, like turning off the lights, a meaning by explaining their impact, plus it makes them more fun to perform. You keep track of your green deeds by collecting green points the tasks bring you. See your progress as well as other people’s progress on leaderboards and compete in who collects more green points and achievements! There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!

The button’s job is also to get people’s attention, to make them wonder what the random green button is doing there. Your friends will ask you what the green button is all about and, believe us, since you’ve gone through the first two steps of the Journey, you’ll have your answer ready!

What are we DOING?

Here at Green Button Journey we’re raising environmental awareness and promoting green behaviors for a better tomorrow.

Why are we DOING it?

Because we believe that by being aware of the problems we can learn about even the smallest ways to help the planet.

With the app you end your day feeling good, knowing how much you contributed to making the world a better place for yourself and others

How are we DOING it?

By finding new ways to stay motivated and by communicating with anyone who’ll listen.

How it all starts:

  • download our app
  • complete tasks and collect points
  • brag about your green points to your friends and motivate them to download the app as well
  • beat your friends by completing more tasks than them
  • calculate your CO₂ footprint
  • find ways to improve your CO₂ footprint

Story #3Share

Now that you’ve seen a change, you’ve realized that simple green acts, when multiplied by millions, can actually make a difference.“OK, what now?” Well now it’s time to pass it on!Share your green thoughts and knowledge! Be proud of yourself, you’re making a difference. More people making a difference leads to the world getting better and better. Button up!We’re saving the planet.